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Are you looking for help with a new or existing project in Sarasota, Florida? Here at Peak Access Solutions, we have many, many years of professional experience and a team of over 40 qualified contractors to ensure your project will always be a success when we’re involved! 


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About Peak Access Sarasota services.

Our number one goal is to bring true customer service back to the scaffolding and access industry.
Long gone are the days of waiting days and sometimes weeks for a response on your project. Most project quotes can be turned around at a maximum of 3-5 days, with some quoted the same day.
With our proven system and strong industry connections, whether it's a four man crew or a 40 man crew, we can ramp up or down for any sized project.
We have extensive references within all Florida markets that will attest to our service and safety record. Let us provide the perfect solution for your project needs.

Sarasota FAQ's

How much does a scaffolding project in Sarasota cost to erect?

We wish we could answer this question quickly! Sadly, there is no fast way to produce a quote on a new scaffolding project. There are a variety of costs involved such as labor and materials, along with the building size. Permits may also be required, depending on the location of your project. 

Can I just hire scaffolding and build it myself instead of hiring a contractor in Sarasota?

Yes, anyone can hire scaffolding and erect it themselves – though we would seriously advise against it! The level of expertise required is not learnt overnight, and could cause you problems if you do not have enough experience behind you to handle any bumps in the road.

Who needs insurance for scaffolding projects in Sarasota? The contractor or myself?

It is strongly advised to ask your scaffolding contractor about their insurance policy before agreeing to any work. If they’re qualified, they will know to have public liability insurance. In addition to this, it’s good to look at insurance options for yourself, as well. 

How do I know if my scaffolding contractor in Sarasota has enough experience and qualifications?

The best thing to do? Ask them outright! They should be able to provide you with all the necessary documents and qualifications, where required. You could also run a background check on them by searching through their reviews to make sure you’ve found the right fit! 

I've heard that erecting scaffolding can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Is it safe to do so in Sarasota?

Yes, it is definitely safe! Despite this, it’s necessary to point out that any level of building work can be dangerous, which is why it’s imperative to choose a scaffolding contractor that has all necessary qualifications and insurance to get the job done safely and securely!

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Peak Access was born out of necessity. Our number one goal is to bring true customer service back to the scaffolding and access industry.