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There are many ways we assist the area of Orlando, Florida, and your project could well be the next one we work on! Whether you are looking for a scaffolding solution or a more specialized project, Peak Access Solutions has you and your project covered!


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About Peak Access Orlando services.

Our number one goal is to bring true customer service back to the scaffolding and access industry.
Long gone are the days of waiting days and sometimes weeks for a response on your project. Most project quotes can be turned around at a maximum of 3-5 days, with some quoted the same day.
With our proven system and strong industry connections, whether it's a four man crew or a 40 man crew, we can ramp up or down for any sized project.
We have extensive references within all Florida markets that will attest to our service and safety record. Let us provide the perfect solution for your project needs.

Orlando FAQ's

How much does a scaffolding project in Orlando cost to erect?

There are many costs involved when it comes to budgeting for a scaffolding project – no two quotes are the same! You have to take into account labor and materials costs, along with the size of the building. There may also be permits included, depending on the location of your project.

Can I just hire scaffolding and build it myself instead of hiring a contractor in Orlando?

Yes, while this is possible, it’s certainly not advised! You’ll need a certain level of expertise and qualifications to execute the erection of a scaffolding to erect it without a contractor. Our advice? Rather contact a scaffolding contractor for a quote.

Who needs insurance for scaffolding projects in Orlando? The contractor or myself?

In an ideal world, both of you will have insurance to cover the project – and yourselves! A qualified scaffolding contractor will have public liability insurance to cover their work, so rest assured they’ll be protected – but it’s important to protect yourself, too!

How do I know if my scaffolding contractor in Orlando has enough experience and qualifications?

Research the best scaffolding contractors in your area and go from there. Read their website thoroughly and check their reviews before you contact your list of chosen contractors. Reach out and ask about their various qualifications and experience to decide who’s best for you.

I've heard that erecting scaffolding can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Is it safe to do so in Orlando?

As with any form of construction work, there is a level of danger involved. If you work with a quality scaffolding contractor, you reduce the risk of danger significantly. They are taught the highest level of safety precautions to protect you and themselves!

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Peak Access was born out of necessity. Our number one goal is to bring true customer service back to the scaffolding and access industry.